ANAAM System

Government of Saudi Arabia

Serving 2 Million Animal Owners and 34 Million Citizens for various services and connecting them with over 5000 Employees of MEWA. ANAAM connects Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture, Ministry of Customs, with state clinics, state laboratories, Country ports of entry with Private businesses and other citizens of Saudi Arabia, in line with Vision 2030 of the Kingdom.

Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture , (of Saudi Arabia) is one of the most important ministries of kingdom. They are on a mission to contain any animal diseases and handle water resources and environment of the Saudi Arabia in line with Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia.

ANAAM is a solution which makes Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture paperless and smoothens their work, while connecting the citizens and government to get work done in a time efficient manner to achieve the required growth.

The Job

Ministry of Environment Water and Agriculture’s (of Saudi Arabia) work was a tedious one, bound by long process delays and lot of physical documents. The citizens had to face a lot of trouble to get clearance from the government to start new business or import/export animals or get licenses to start new poultries. Likewise it was a lot of difficult work for ministry of Environment, water and Agriculture to collaborate with other ministries like ministry of customs, ministry of labour, ministry of internal affairs.

The ministry needed to digitize all their work and interconnect work of all ministries and speed up the services provided to the citizens with a single window for most services, which should be in line with their vision 2030.

Technologies33 was contacted for our ability to gather the requirement in detail and be able to understand all the nuances of the project. We went into detail and spoke with the minister and the deputy minister and the director’s of the various departments and understood their work, it took us a lot of time to prepare a solution for them which would not just be a technical solution but also a workflow simplification and defining the KPIs.

Post approval, we went into the technical details, and kept them in loop at every stage of development for their valuable feedback and updates for them.

We went on to hold conferences regularly for their ministers and other decision makers to help them with this transition.


This was not just a project, its an association for progress and success.

However, thanks to ANAAM their work efficiency improved and they were able to cater to citizens of Saudi Arabia and others doing business with the kingdom in an efficient way.

Technologies Used:
Language : PHP
Database : Oracle
User Interface : HTML5, SASS/CSS3, Javascript used with responsive design for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
Web Services : JSON, XML, REST, SOAP
Testing : Functional Testing, Load Testing
Background Jobs : CRON jobs
Deployment Automation : Bitbucket
Deployment Platforms : AWS EC2 for pre production deployments to meet release deadlines, with staging and production deployment on in-house datacenter.