Airline Industry Solution

CrewGate is a complete solution for crew members of an Airline. With Modules like Roster, Expense Calculator, Salary Calculation And a Document Repository, Its a lifeline for any employee of Airline. Client approached us with his idea of doing a mobile application for his airline which would reform the way Crew Members approach their job, alter the daily interactions with colleagues, have more knowledge about company on fingertips and be a one stop solution for everything about their work. The solution was CrewGate.

The Solution

The team at technologies33 completed a mobile application which would relieve its users with the hassle of dealing with dispersed data & information.

Schedule of Flights with Reminders

The most important need of any cabin crew is their roster of flights. Our solution gives the app user a user friendly interface with details of flights for next one month, with an ability to schedule reminders for them as per their convenience.

Social Boards for interaction between colleagues

The crew members had to search for various pages of Airline on Facebook with all crew members to be in the middle of anything new happening with the other members. The need was fulfilled with various social boards which would allow users to be connected to every other crew of the company and be able to know them better with personalized conversations.

A flawless Solution for a renowned Airline in Middle East would only seat them at the pinnacle of being most technology savvy. The application created a huge buzz amongst all crew members before its launch, and the growth has been phenomenal.

Technologies33 happily continues to be an integrated part of CrewGate, for being a modular and scalable system which would grow in the right direction with our dedication to understand the need of its users.