Data analytics is the science of examining raw data with a goal of drawing conclusions about the information. A gut feeling, a dream idea, or a business requirement inspires and persuades you to create a mobile application. And expansion requires mobile application to be optimized by careful analysis of the raw data of the users. Do you know why the users land on your application and then shun it ? Do you know of what the users use after moving away from your system.? What would make them stay longer on your application/system ? How would you increase these users. ? Technologies33 can set up your analytics platform, and help you to analyze data and draw meaningful conclusions and make an informed business decision about your application.

What Can
We Do?

Write complex algorithm to find hidden relationships between variables for causation.

Geographical tracking of users to identify the top performing areas and the improvement areas.

Meaningful reporting of activity on the system/application.

Create custom analytics tools to notify you of the changes on the user activity week on week/month on month.

Fine tune product features.

Support qualitative testing.

Report the best content of the system.

Analyze to Monetize & increase Return on Investment

We understand from you the end goals of your product, Consumer applications are generally done for monetization, so right from the start we plan on in-app purchases, paid applications or freemium models, or if its for brand building. And accordingly analyze to report you exact numbers of financial movements.

Phase 2 should always be data driven

The desired end result for all app/system owners is progress and success. We integrate our analysis tools right from the launch of version 1. The right data helps you with right analysis which results in right decisions and right choice of updating for version 2. Together it helps to get new users and retain or re-engage with the previous ones. Data analysis helps us to learn and take the right steps.