We are a divergent thinking set of people who generate some creative solutions by discussing many possible solutions. Every task we take up is important to us, and we want all our finished projects to be successful. Though every project is not equally successful but we put in our 100 percent to every project we work on.

Arpit Awasthi

Mobile Expert

Passionate about coding apps. Work overnight gives him the adrenaline rush, Finicky about the details. Always goes out of his way to give the system the final touches that will make it great. Desire to write a better code than last and always follows all coding standards.


Business Consultant

Futuristic, has experience working with various sectors and has a knack of market requirements. The one who you can contact for any IT consultation you need. Has helped many big companies update their legacy systems to a complete automated ones.

Sabir Ali


Conceptually correct. Brain works faster than any part of his body would ever work. Excels in finding solution to the problems. Methodical and excels in mentoring an experienced coding team and design team

Maha Ishtiaq

UI/UX Expert

Creative, Imaginative, not good at cooking but designing. Pays attention to the nuances of work, hates monotony in designs and comes up with a creative solution every-time. The best graphical expert any team can have


Web Expert

Web Technology Expert. Experienced, Dedicated, meets deadlines, has answers to everything, loves to keep his work and personal self in shape. Deep desire to learn new technologies.


Visual Design

Eye for perfection, Desire to grow with his work, excellent in creating rich user experience designs. Knack of the market requirement and creating successful designs and ideas