Marketing is all about getting noticed with the aim of brand messaging, user acquisition, PR, Initial Launch Planning, App Store Optimization and more, Have you ever wondered what will you do of an idea/business which is great but does not get you success or money you thought it would get.

"Business has only two functions Marketing and Innovation."- Milan Kundera

Technology has redefined the way businesses and brands market themselves and their products. Digital marketing activities like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Content Creation, Email Marketing, Media Services (Buying/Planning), Media Audits, Media Partnerships & Alliances are core of any marketing strategy of a company. It has become a requirement and is not optional.

Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing (SEO, SEM)

You are tech savvy or not, if you have heard of internet or are on this page then you also know Google, Yahoo and Bing. If these search engines do not know you, or your business or your product, then you have lost half the battle already. If a prospective user searches for his requirement and you do not get listed on the first page or the second page of Search results, then you lose customers even when you have an innovative product or business. There is a strong need of good SEO, and SEM which drives users/traffic to your business translating into monetary benefits or a strong user base for you.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

There have been numerous researches which say how startups and businesses have not been able to tap on the potential offered by Social Media Marketing because of unplanned approach or lack of knowledge and expertise.There has been numerous articles in international magazines like Forbes saying "Why Businesses Cant Survive without social Media" Technologies33 has the experts who can help you establish right communication between the buyers and sellers for mutual benefits. We know how to reach maximum people in the most cost effective way.

Media Services (Buying and Planning)

We first focus to understand your business and your product to identify the right digital platforms to place your advertisements and creatives. Second, we find the mediums where your prospects visit on internet based on their psychographics, demographics and geographic. Then our Media Research Specialists plan the allocated budget expenditure in the most optimized way to get you the best per click rates of the users. (CPI &CPM)

Email Marketing

Ever thought of the benefits of e-mail marketing ? Yes, we know how to get e-mails of your prospects to send them a broadcast of your business. We also help our clients track the reach of a broadcast made for your new product and service or business. Our track tools give us details of how many interactions we managed to achieve for the broadcast and the time and geography of the broadcast message being read. Its a practice which costs really low but could land a business with some valuable customers or collaborators, or investors.