If you are planning to hire a mobile application developer, Technologies33 is the perfect company for you. Regardless of the kind of your mobile application development needs, technologies33 got you covered. We have extensive experience and expertise in creating feature-packed mobile applications for different major platforms. A few details which could be of interest.

iOS Development

iPhone or iPad or Apple Watch, we code for all of Apple's platforms. We code on Xcode. The programming languages used are Objective-C and Swift, with most of the new projects being coded on Swift and phasing out Objective-C. We have some of the most passionate coding geniuses in the iOS development team.

Android Development

Android Devices are available in enormous different sizes and brands. The API rules are almost non-existent, allowing varied kinds of application to be coded, even the ones not possible with iOS . Quality Assurance makes sure that app works flawlessly. The apps are made to support the latest version of Android OS while supporting the previous versions of Android OS.

Cross Platform Applications

Cross Platform Application development has emerged as a cost effect way of coding applications to support multiple platforms. A mobile application idea with less images and videos on it, can be done using platforms like React Native or Phonegap. After studying the pros and cons for individual project we suggest cross platform or a native application development option to our clients.

Internet of Things

Broadband IoT has changed not just the way we live but also the way we work. Wifi becoming widely available has given a chance for more no. of devices to be connected to internet. Wifi capability sensors are being created, which have given a chance for wifi supported cameras, to printers to Air-conditioners, to cars, coffee makers, headphones, washing machines. Mobile Applications will help them to be all connected together. Let us connect your world, analzse and create innovative solutions.


Wearables are the next big thing. Technology has penetrated to the way we use our watch, to our eye glasses, the way we play games on our system, monitoring our health. This is just the start. With something like mobile biometrics, eye recognition, and some yet to be launched ideas. We have kept ourselves updated and have have started in time to be ready to deliver.

Cloud Based Backend

Cloud hosting has powered mobile applications to be safe, responsive, scalable, Mobile payment possibility, push notifications, GPS and seamless connectivity. Contact us for any mobile application requirement. Its our expertise to deliver flawless finished products. We have the knowledge and experience to do it.