IT Structure of any organization should support its business strategy and not be a constraint. Technologies33 first focuses on the strategic needs of its client's business to determine their IT requirements to support their long terms goals. We help companies address their technology related decisions to ensure their IT structures are effective, agile and scalable based on their future requirements.


We provide businesses with technologists on temporary basis for skill shortages or some technical projects within their organizations. We also help companies with our technical teams to work with companies's in house experts to achieve desired results. Our technologists are experienced professionals with complete command on the technology they work on.

IT Strategy

Technology helps companies transform their businesses and grow. We help our clients to embark on major change of growth, on decisions that are heavily technology dependent. Legacy systems are the most difficult systems to replace because of its wide use in the organization but our expertise is for a smooth transition to a system which implemented would help effectively improve their business or work process.

Compliance adherence support & data security

Certain businesses or startups or business ideas dealing with finances or financial technology need to adhere to certain international or national compliances. We help our clients create Solutions which will follow any defined international standards. Besides that, every organization has some sensitive information which needs to be protected in case of any disaster or security breaches. We work with our clients to devise a plan to secure this sensitive information, helping them from unseen problems.

IT performance improvement

Underperforming IT negatively affects business performance. We work with companies seeking to address their IT efficiency problems be it for high costs or improve and develop capabilities to smoothen work in the organization, making lives easier.